• From the age of 8 you can make your first diving experiences. Various diving centers usually offer suitable courses.

For your further diving career, here are some suggestions from the medical director of the pressure chamber center at Wiesbaden:

  • Up to the age of 18-20 the diving depth and time shoud be limited and happen at least in the „zerotime“.
  • It is very important for children to make sure they do not dehydrate and eat food that is rich in calories.
  • A wetsuit that fits well and is not too tight is required for a good isolation from the cold.
  • The diving bottle has to be small and light (Alu).
  • The diving jacket must fit well.
  • The second level hast to be of sufficient quality in order to allow the lowest airway resistance.
  • The maximum diving depth has to be adapted to the age.
  • The diving time has also to be adapted to the age.
  • Children must make a systematic safety stop in 3-5m depth.
  • No diving is allowed when there is an infection of the upper respiratory tract.
  • Avoid diving at low temperatures and also under exhausting conditions (e.g. dive in a current).

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