Requirements for diving:

Diving basically is not a competitive sport, but rather a kind of under water stroll. There are no limits as to the age and the required health certificate you can get from your doctor.

The following is being tested:

  • Ears: ear canal, eardrumm
  • Nose and paranasal sinus, cervical area
  • Lungfunction
  • Cardiovascular system: puls, blood pressure
  • Teeth: bad filling, caries

Fruthermore you should...

  • be at least 10 years old when attending a diving course.
  • have an average health condition. Tell your doctor about your intention and ask him to do the healt certificate test.
  • feel comfortable in the water and be at least an average swimmer. Are you able to swimm 4 lengths of a swimmingpool (50m one length) without any stops?
  • have, as an advantage, experience in use of fins, snorkels and diving masks.