Instruction Associations and Organisations



PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

PADI iis  the world’s biggest organisation of scuba diving. Members are diving centers and companies, resorts, academic institutions, instructor coaches, instructors, divers, snorklers and other water sports enthusiasts.

There is an instruction for nearly everything available: diving in mountain lakes, in ice, wreck diving, ...

PADI also opens the way to a proffesional diving career. You can complete a PADI instruction course in more than 5000 diving centers worldwide.

NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors)

NAUI  is a democratic, non-profit organisation of diving instructors that has the aim to maintain high quality instruction for scuba divers and instructors worldwide.

CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques)

The CMAS Germany is a non-profit organisation with the aim to instruct and educate German speaking divers and diving begginners after the sandards of the world association.

The Weltverband CMAS  has the same international aims but no direct alliance with  CMAS Germany.
Thus, the German CMAS is no branch office of the world association, but an independent organisation.

Members are the following:

Barakuda | Fit e.V. | FST | ICMC | IDA | ITD | ProTec | UDI | VDST | VEST | VETL | VIT

VDTS (Association of German Scuba Divers)

You can find all informations about the Association of German Scuba Divers

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 ATEC was founded in Germany in 1995 as a professional association. ATEC started as a TEC-organisation for cave-, rebreather-, wrack- and mixed-gas-diving. It got extended with the „Scuba Diver Instruction Department“ as a logical consequence. 

RSTC (Recreational Scuba Training Council)

RSTC is an association of several organisations that strive to set the safety standards of the instruction for divers and diving instructors.

Members are the following organisations:

IDA (International Diving Association)

IDA was founded in order to combine the proffesionality of American associations and the current developments within diving with the high standards of the VDST / CMAS. It is IDA’s aim to educate diving instructors by using the most innovative methods.

VEST (Association of European Scuba Divers)

VEST VEST ist he only scuba dive association and has its headquarter in Northern Germany (Wiefelstede). It is founding member of the CMAS Germany e.V.

The diving instructors from VEST is a group of highly educated instructors who offer a competent programm in clubs, associations and schools.

SSI (Scuba School International)

The SSI association is a woldwide leading organisation with the aim to offer any potential friend of diving a competent instruction and education, for leisure as well as for profesional diving.

Here are the links to the worldwide organisations in:
Benelux | Germany | England | EU | Italy | CroatiaAustra | Spain

VIT (Association of International Diving Schools e.V.)

VIT is a member of the world organisation CMAS and runs about 130 diving schools.

VIT-Schulen are interested in communicating a very good instruction as well as a respectful exposure to the nature.

FIT (Independent International Diving Instructors)

We are a company providing services in the field of diving. The instruction and further education of diving instructors and assistants is or main goal, the offer of administration and teaching material are additional services.
The instruction of diving instructors is being held on Menorca, the Canary Islands, in the North and the East Sea.

DIWA (Diving Instructor World Association)

DIWA has been developping worldwide and is now considered the domicile for professional diving instructors from many countries. Each instructor is covered by a profecional indemnity insurance when paying an annual premium
There are DIWA branches in several countries that stay in touch with the head quarter in order to communicate interests and guarantee an instruction of the members that is up to date.

CEDIP (Europ.Committee of professional Diving Instructors)

CEDIP is the European organisation for professional diving instructors.

CEDIP is represented by 12 major European diving organisations

CEDIP is recognised by the European Underwater Federation

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IAHD (Internationale Association for handicapped divers)

The IAHD is a non-profit organization with the aim to enable and motivate handicapped people to make positive experiences in a world under water.

The IAHDwas founded in april in the year of 1993. Since then, it received excellent resonances from various rehalbilitation centers, diving organisations, from instructors as well as from the media. 

IDEA Germany

You can find all informations about the Association of IDEA Germany


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IWDA (International World Dive Association)

The IWDA founded by a group of instructors who represent international standards such as EN 14 153 and train but without the high cost association. Our training files are available online worldwide.

We are a technically competent program not only in immersion schools, but also in local clubs, associations and schools.  Education and training of instructors and divers are our goals. We see ourselves as service providers in the field of diving.

A competent administration and supply of teaching materials complement our program.

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