Camera / Video / Lamps


  • Should be known. However, we are here in an element that is actually very unusual and dangerous for these kind of devices. Therefore, these objects have to be protected by waterproof casing.


  • Plastic casing


  • Of course, it is also possible to use usual cameras / video cameras / flashlights covered by a protecting sealing case. However, often the problem occurs how to regulate the aperture, the focus and the time. Do ask for advice.
  • Several underwater cameras are only usable up to a certain depth (5-10m). If you dive further, the higher pressure can make them activate on their own.


  • Open the outer shell carefully after the dive and clean it with freshwater, then dry it with a soft cloth. When closing the device, be careful with the right position of the O-ring. It is also worth trying the functions in advance of a dive. Imagine how annoying it can be when the camera does not work or the batteries are low or when there is no film in it. Besides not being able to caputre the most beautiful moments, you will have to carry an unnessesary item with you all the time.