Diving computer



  • The current diving computers combine all the visual displays one needs for diving and even more. After the dive, older data is available which, for example, informs the diver when he is allowed to board a plane again. Moreover, the device beams all the data onto the home computer where they are transformed by a special software into the actual logbook.


  • Plastic casing


  • It is worth doing several dives with a borrowed camera before deciding to buy an analog or digital (computer) one. Do take advice.


  • The most important thing in a computer is its battery. Most of the models have a featrue that displays the battery charge condition. Is the power source heading towards the limit, do not forget to change it prior to the dive, if needed even by an expert. If you manage to change the batterie on your own, make sure to clean the battery compartment from sand and salt rests. It is also worth to grease the O-ring (sealing ring) slightly or if required, to replace it. One important error source are the contacts that are being released when the computer gets in contact with water. The contacts should be grease- and dust-free. If needed, a rubber or a diluted dish liquid may also help out.