Apnoe is the Greek word for apnoea.

Apnoe is diving without any additional oxygen. It is the original technique of pearl divers and nowadays considered an adrenalin sport. Through very intensive and strict training, an apnoe diver can hold his breath for an incredibly long time and reach depths of record.

There are 6 different disciplines:

  • Time Diving (holding breath as long as possible)
  • Distance Diving (Diving as deep as possible with only one breath)
  • Free Apnoe (Following a rope down deep and back without the help of fins)
  • Constant Weight (Diving without the help of additional weights)
  • Variable Weight (Diving down with the help of max. 35kg of additional weight, swimming back without any help)
  • No Limit (No restrictions as to the additional weight for either way, down and back. Thus, there is hardly any work to be done for the movement)

The best informations are to be found on the official website of the current apnoe world record holder: Benjamin Franz